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Appeals in All Civil, Probate and Administrative Law Cases

Disagreements are an inherent part of being human. While some disagreements can be resolved without assistance from others, many disputes end up in court. Although judges strive to be fair and give rulings they think accurately apply the law, situations are subjective. Even if your lawyer has presented all of the facts, the judge may not have grasped your issues or understood your case. Judges also make mistakes in interpreting existing law. Sometimes a case deals with a novel issue of law and the judge has merely made a guess at how the Court of Appeals would decide an issue.

If you think the trial judge made a legal or factual error in your case, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHALLENGE THE OUTCOME OF THE CASE ON APPEAL. At the law office of Jensen & Leiberan, we have over 60 years of combined experience and over 30 years of experience representing clients in every type of civil and administrative appeal. Our cases come from trial courts all over the state of Oregon.

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Re-Examining the Ruling

Although no new evidence can be admitted in an appeal, our skilled appellate attorney can make sure that the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court completely understands the facts of your case. With her Harvard law education and 30 years of experience in appeals, Margaret H. Leek Leiberan is very skilled at legal research, and she often can find cases in Oregon and throughout the country that support your case but have not yet been cited to the judge. Legal arguments in briefs and in oral argument can be given a new and more persuasive presentation. In some cases, even legal arguments that were never made to the trial court may be made to the appellate courts.

Over 30 Years of Handling Appeals--Rated as Preeminent Lawyer for Over 20 Years

Our Portland appellate attorney — Margaret H. Leek Leiberan — has a Harvard Law background and over 30 years of experience writing compelling and persuasive briefs and giving powerful oral arguments to the Oregon appellate courts . She is also admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and has had an AV peer review rating (highest possible rating for legal ability and ethical standards) for over 20 years. While we cannot guarantee that the judges of the Court of Appeals will agree with our argument, we know it will not be because they did not understand the facts of your case or were not fully briefed on all the law in your favor. We represent clients in a variety of appeals, including:

  • Civil appeals: car accidents, injuries on your property and other kinds of civil liabilities.
  • Family law appeals: divorce, custody, parenting time, property division, spousal support, modification, third party custody.
  • Family disputes: fights within an extended family over property or elder abuse.
  • Probate appeals: fights within a family or between a family and a third party over trusts, wills, or control of a protected person's life or estate.
  • Neighborhood disputes: fights over property lines, zoning regulations, actions involving dangerous or abused animals
  • Administrative appeals: appeals to the Court of Appeals in administrative cases from state agencies such as the Land Use Board of Appeals ("LUBA") and the Board of Fish and Wildlife.

When clients ask us for legal counsel, we take the time to understand every aspect of their situation. With over 60 years of combined experience, we offer clients the support they need throughout the appeals process.

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Opinions of the Court of Appeals in representative cases.

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