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Portland Family Appeals Attorney

Finding Answers in Family Law Appeals

Even with the best lawyers and a strong case, sometimes judges just don't hear the truth even when it is presented to them. Judges sometimes make rulings in which they get the facts wrong or they are wrong under the law.

If this has happened to you, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHALLENGE THE JUDGE'S RULING ON APPEAL. Even if you won your case, you may need a skilled appellate lawyer to defend that win if the other side files an appeal.

At the Portland family law office of Jensen & Leiberan we represent clients in family law appeals from the decisions of trial courts throughout the State of Oregon. We represent clients who wish to challenge a judge's decision regarding custody, parenting time (visitation), spousal support (alimony), or property division whether the decision was made in a divorce, a modification hearing, the dissolution of a same sex civil union or the separation of parties who were never married. We also represent clients who must defend against such a challenge. No matter what your issue, we will make certain that the appellate courts clearly hear your side of the story.

We present the facts and the law clearly and persuasively both in written briefs and in oral argument to the appeals courts. We may be able to obtain a stay while the appeal is pending that will prevent any changes to custody or dissipation of assets.

We are also experienced in representing both parents and non-parents in cases where grandparents, step-parents and other third parties seek custody or parenting time.

Contact our firm online or call (503) 641-7990 to schedule your initial consultation.

Experience When It Counts: Over 30 Years in Handling Appeals

Family law cases are often the most agonizing case that a client can bring. Nothing is more important than the welfare of your children. Spousal support and the division of property may have a grave impact on your economic well-being for the rest of your life.

At Jensen & Leiberan we understand the importance of your case to you. We will carefully listen to you, taking the time to understand your entire story. We will review the entire record, do legal research on the necessary law and make a compelling argument to the appeals courts on your behalf.

Our Portland appellate attorney, Margaret H. Leek Leiberan, has a Harvard law education and over 30 years of experience in appeals and has represented clients in dozens of family law cases. In addition, because the other lawyers in our firm focus their practice on family law, Ms. Leiberan can draw on a depth of knowledge of trial court rulings in this area of law.

Ms. Leiberan is pleased to work with your current trial attorney and generally recommends that you continue with that attorney for any issues in the trial court. However, if you should need a new attorney to handle trial court hearings (motions to stay or modifications) while the appeal is pending, our firm has experienced attorneys who can represent you in the trial court. To learn more about our attorneys and their background, visit our attorney page.

If you wish to challenge the court's decision, or are fighting to uphold a trial court's decision in your favor in your divorce, same sex registered domestic partnership dissolution, modification, unmarried custody, parenting time or third party (grandparent or step-parent) custody or parenting time or property division case, contact our firm online or call (503) 641-7990 to schedule your initial consultation.

To learn more about our practice, see the Opinions of the Court of Appeals in representative cases.

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