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Parental Relocation

As in all custody disputes, the best interest of the children is the paramount concern of the courts in relocation cases. Issues related to a parent's remarriage, school or career development are not nearly as important to the courts as the well-being of the children of divorcing, divorced, or never-married parents.

If you are considering relocation or have received notification of a pending move away, take action now by contacting an Oregon and Washington attorney who is experienced in parental relocation issues. Time is of the essence in preserving the close relationship you have with your children. At Jensen & Leiberan, we fight for the rights of devoted parents pursuing or disputing relocation.

We understand what is at stake when one parent decides to relocate with the children. For help, contact us at (503) 641-7990.

Lawyers Dedicated to You and Your Children

When a divorce, dissolution of a registered domestic partnership, or custody determination for unmarried parents is final, in Oregon the courts prohibit moving with the child more than 60 miles away from the other parent. Either parent is required by law to give reasonable notice to the other parent and to the court before making a move with the child, even if the other parent is not active in the child's life.

In the state of Washington the rules for relocation are substantially different from the rules in Oregon. If you are a Washington resident needing to relocate with your child or facing a relocation by the other parent with the child, you should contact us immediately.

If you are the parent receiving notice of a pending relocation of your child, an Oregon or Washington attorney at our firm who is experienced in parental relocation cases can file an interim order to stop the move. We will then represent you at a full hearing at which you will have the chance to convey the harm that the move will cause to your relationship with your child.

A parent's chance to attend Harvard, to take the job of their dreams, or marry the person of their dreams does not trump the child's interest in not losing his/her vital connection with the other parent.

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