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An unmarried couple faces many challenges when they conceive a child. Matters only become more complicated if they break up. Mothers want child support while fathers request parenting time with their child. Paternity can also be an issue when a child is conceived during the marriage if the husband believes that his wife has had a relationship with another man.

At Jensen & Leiberan, we focus on the best interests of children of unmarried parents by taking the necessary first step to establish paternity.

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Fathers' Rights

If a couple is married at the time that the child is conceived, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child. However, that presumption can be rebutted by a DNA test that proves that the husband is not the biological father.

If a child is conceived by an unmarried couple, there is no presumption. If the mother and father agree and the father signs the birth certificate, or acknowledgement of paternity, he can be acknowledged as the father with full rights and obligations. If the unmarried mother and father do not agree, paternity must be established by a DNA test.

Whether you are seeking a DNA test to prove that you are the father or to rebut a claim that you are the father, we can help you get the test and enforce the results of that test in court.

Protecting the Rights of Mothers

Unmarried mothers raising a child are eligible for financial help from the biological father. No matter how much a man may dispute paternity, DNA testing will help clear up any conflicts. The benefits of proving paternity go beyond child support. Mothers can become eligible for state benefits, and the child can receive Social Security benefits should the biological father die.

Establishing paternity may also be important for the future needs of the child if that child develops or is at risk for a medical condition related to genetic factors

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