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Religious and Cultural Issues

While many assume that money is the primary factor that turns an uncontested divorce into a hotly contested court battle, sometimes the most bitter disputes are caused by the religious and cultural differences between divorcing parents. At Jensen & Leiberan, we encourage our clients to work with the other parent and focus on the best interests of their children. However, we also recognize the right of parents to practice their religion and embrace their own culture.

If the religious practices of one parent conflict with the beliefs of the other parent, or the demands of one culture conflict with the demands of the other, sometimes the issue of the child's religious or cultural education must be decided by the courts.

Oregon and Washington Lawyers Finding Resolution in child custody disputes

Religion and culture are "hot-button" issues in parenting time and custody cases. Custodial parents have a right to make certain determinations. However, non-custodial parents also have the right to religious and cultural practices during their parenting time without interference. If a child is old enough, the child may be given the right to make their own determination of which religion or culture they will embrace. Oregon statutes and case law do not provide any clear answers to resolve religious and cultural disputes. As a result, they are frequently the cause of bitter fighting in court battles.

If you are engaged in a dispute over conflicting religious and cultural issues with the other parent of your child, we will fight to protect your rights and those of your child. Contact us at (503) 641-7990.

Helping to Resolve Religious and Cultural Issues for Our Clients

Differing religious practices often conflict when they fall on the same holiday or when the actual observance of one religion violates the beliefs of another. Such conflicts sometimes require the courts to get involved to determine what religious expression is best for the child given the culture in which the child has been raised and the beliefs of the child.

At Jensen & Leiberan, we take the time to learn about your religion so that we can educate a judge on the importance to you of a certain religious or cultural practice. Under the law, no religion is too obscure. If you prove that you are actually following your beliefs (and not just using them as an excuse to limit contact with the other parent), it does not matter whether your religion is followed by twenty people or twenty million people.

You have the right to raise your children in accordance with your beliefs. If your beliefs clash with those of the other parent, you need an experienced attorney to help you to prevail in your fight to resolve the conflict.

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