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Financial Issues

Powerful Representation in Dealing With Financial Issues in Divorce

From dividing marital assets and debts to addressing the imposition of support orders, financial issues can easily become some of the most contentious in divorce. This is true for families who share millions as well as those who have little to divide or who have significant debts. At Jensen & Leiberan, we have the strength and experience you need to prevail when dealing with financial issues related to divorce.

Contact an Oregon and Washington divorce lawyer at Jensen & Leiberan for a consultation about your case.

Asset and Debt Division

Whether you have a simple marital estate with modest assets or a sizeable estate encompassing real estate interests, business holdings, bank accounts, investments and other assets, it is important to consult an attorney who will put your interests first. Our family law attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the equitable distribution laws in Oregon and Washington, and we are dedicated to helping our clients prevail in property settlements or in trial, if necessary. Learn more about property and debt division:

Financial Support During and After Divorce or Separation

Financial security is an important issue regardless of whether or not children are involved. At Jensen & Leiberan, we assist clients with all aspects of spousal support and child support, from identifying the types of spousal support warranted to ensuring that the facts are applied appropriately in the determination of child support. We understand the importance of timely intervention by your family law attorney to obtain temporary orders affecting temporary child or spousal support, as well as temporary orders concerning the waste of marital assets, exclusive use of the marital residence, temporary custody and other vital issues.

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Many people find that the filing of a divorce petition initiates the need to file for bankruptcy. Whether you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy during or after divorce, or if you have learned that your spouse has filed for bankruptcy, it is important to understand the interplay between bankruptcy and divorce proceedings. Our divorce attorneys can work with your bankruptcy lawyer to ensure that gains in one court are not diluted or erased by a ruling in the other court.

Contact an Oregon or Washington Family Law Attorney

When the stakes are high, trust in the family law attorneys at Jensen & Leiberan for the powerful and compassionate legal representation you need. We provide family law clients throughout Washington or Oregon with the strength they need during troubling times. Call (503) 641-7990 or contact our Portland area family law attorneys online to arrange a consultation.

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