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Recommendations for Deanna Ballou Jensen

From Dave. F:

I hired Deanna Jensen after interviewing several other attorneys regarding my daughter’s custody case. I had a terribly difficult and complicated case with a child living on the east Cost and CPS involvement. Ms Jensen navigated multi-state jurisdictional issues, CPS reports psychologist, an out of state Custody and Parenting Time Study and false allegations of abuse with skill and to tremendous effect I was awarded CCostudy and I know that there are precious few attorneys who could have prevailed nder the extreme circumstances that I was faced with. Deanna Jensen is highly organized forthright and understands Oregon famiy law thoroughly. If you have a legitimate legal problem, and you care more about your kids being heathy than “winning” your case, then there is no finer lawyer to be found.

Legal Issue: Family Law
Dave. F hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2016.

From GratefulFrank1:

Deanna Ballou Jensen advised me wisely in obtaining a modification to my permanent alimony payments. Her guidance was straight forward, her advice wise and her process very efficient. Most important, I got the desired result without a court appearance. I do not hesitate to recommend her services.

Legal Issue: Family Law
GratefulFrank1 hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2010.

From pmmarkus:

I highly recommend Deanna Ballou Jensen of Jensen & Leiberan. She performed miracles for our family. Our case was complicated and, like most family issues, charged with emotion and stress. Deanna was both direct and compassionate, a combination not often found in people. She listened to our issues, asked questions until she understood our goal, and then she developed a plan of action. Mrs. Jensen understands both the law and the legal system. She knows how the process works and is realistic about what you can expect to achieve. In our case she took some difficult circumstances and overcame the odds, achieving for us what could only be described as a win beyond our expectations. Deanna Ballou Jensen is a great attorney. I hope we never find ourselves in need of an attorney for these kinds of issues again. But if we do, Deanna will be the only person we call.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation
pmmarkus hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2010.

From ccgg77:

I would highly recommend Deanna Jensen to anyone looking for a family law attorney. Through a very stressful time, we were able to rely on her expertise to focus on what would be best for the children and to know what to expect when going to court. Everyone at Deanna Jensen's office was extremely professional, on time and respectful of us and appreciated what a stressful time we were having. We feel that she represented us very well in court, and helped us to achieve an outcome that we were very happy with. I know if we ever need a family law attorney in the future she will be the first person that we call.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation
ccgg77 hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2008.

From laraeo:

Deanna represented me in my divorce. She is an outstanding divorce attorney who maintains professionalism in her arguments. She is detailed and organized in all areas of documentation and representation. There is no degrading, name calling, or condescending communication regarding the petitioner or respondent. Professionalism and respect are shown to both parties. Communication stays on track from consultation to the end. I highly recommend Deanna for anyone needing a great divorce attorney.

Legal Issue: Divorce
laraeo hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2004.

From satisfiedclient:

I highly recommend Deanna Jensen as a family law attorney. I was extremely impressed with Ms. Jensen's professionalism and thorough understanding of family law. Ms. Jensen has an innate perceptiveness about people, which is incredibly valuable in a divorce situation. My divorce was a complicated one, and thanks to Ms. Jensen's astute and accurate assessment of the situation, my interests were well-protected. The value of her ability to accurately and quickly size up a situation cannot be overstated. Ms. Jensen was extremely thorough in her preparation for all matters related to my case. She managed the complexity of the case with prompt attention to all of the many details. She was always well-organized and prepared every time we appeared in court, which clearly earned her the respect of the judge and court personnel. It is the nature of family law that an attorney's clients are often at their most vulnerable. I was always treated with the utmost respect and compassion by Ms. Jensen and her staff. Every person in the office made me feel that my case was the most important thing they were doing that day, and I have no doubt that every client who walks through the door is treated similarly. I have personally recommended others to Deanna Jensen numerous times. I have the utmost confidence in Ms. Jensen's ability to provide the same exceptional representation that I received.

Legal Issue: Divorce
satisfied client hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2005.

From Pentezari:

Deanna did a fantastic job representing me in a custody/parental visitation case. I really liked the level of empathy, concern and personal support she provided to me as I went through what was a very difficult situation. I also appreciated her level of concern for my daughter's welfare. Deanna worked in the most efficient and cost effective matter to resolve my case therefore reducing the overall cost of my case. Deanna worked in the most efficient and cost effective manner to resolve my case therefore reducing the overall cost of my case. I believe you will be equally happy with your results.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation
Pentezari hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2007.

From PortlandDad:

Professional, understanding, savvy. She is a fair-minded and ethical practitioner well-experienced to guide you through the difficulties and intricacies of family law.

Legal Issue: Family Law
PortlandDad hired Deanna Ballou Jensen in 2008.

The above testimonials or endorsements reflect that particular client's experience with the identified lawyer or law firm only. It does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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