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Recommendations for Margaret H. Leek Leiberan

From D NM:

I have been a client of Jensen & Leiberan for 8  years and Miss Leiberan’s for longer than that. They have always treated me with respect. They listen to what I have to say and explain everything in terms that I can understand. I never have to worry about surprises,, I have been impressed with their knowledge expertise and thoroughness they have done an excellent job for me, I have recommended them to many friends and acquaintances.

From Larry Van Laningham:

I had a couple of bad experiences with attorneys and Margaret restored my faith. She worked diligently to help me in the appeals process, did an excellent job and we won. Margaret also very compassionate woman who cares about her clients and cares about doing what’s right through the legal system. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her as a human being as well as an excellent attorney.

From M Cookman:

Ms. Leiberan has become a beacon of hope for what seemed to be an otherwise hopeless situation. I came to Ms. Leiberan heartbroken and confused that I had lost custody of my child after 4 years of proving to be dedicated parent. I struggled for years to get my request for simple modification presented and argued before a judge. As the custodial parent acting in the best interest of my child, it did not seem like an insummourrable task and at the very least I thought in a million years that I would have custody taken away from me and lose parenting time.

When I explained my story to Ms. Leiberan , she was compassionate , calm and seemed to recognize immediately that something was definitely not right. I was worried that my case was so unusual that she might not want to take it on, but she was not intimidated by the complexities of the case. Ms Leiberan has faced numerous hurdles and roadblocks in her effort to get a complete record of the case but she took appropriate steps to overcome the obstacles so that she could write competent and compelling argument on my behalf.

Ms. Leiberan has an impressive writing style that is professional and concise, yet there seems to be a lot of layers to her arguments. She has an ability to accurately depict the most pertinent issues without getting the reader lost in the weeds.

It is unfortunate that a relatively simple family matter went so terribly wrong that I had to pursue an appeal. I don’t know how I could’ve brought this matter to light at the appeals court level if she were not there to help. She is a strong advocate for the sanctity of law and for her clients. She is the type of lawyer that I hope future lawyers have an opportunity to study and learn from

Although my appeal is still pending and there are no guarantees as to the outcome, I am confident that I chose the right person to represent me and I can take comfort knowing that my arguments have been accurately portrayed to the court.

From Christian Lassen:

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

From James Vickman:

Relationship: Worked together on matter
I endorse this lawyer. Margaret Leiberan is an excellent appellate attorney. I am a California lawyer and represented some individuals from California who were being sued in Oregon. Plaintiff obtained a verdict and appeal was necessary. Ms. Leiberan did fantastic appellate work on the matter, from both a substantive and technical standpoint.

From Grant Burton:

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Margaret is a highly respected, intelligent, and effective appeals attorney. I would not hesitate to refer a client needing to file an appeal to Margaret in the future, particularly in the areas of estate litigation and family law.

From Victoria Blachly:

Relationship: Worked together on matter
Margaret is only wickedly smart with the written word – as a good appellate lawyer must be – but she is also considerate of her client’s needs.

From Connie Terwilliger:

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer. I have known Ms. Leiberan professionally for many years. She has a firm knowledge of the law technically but she also has good common sense. One of her best attributes is the care and concern she has for her clients. You would be in good hands if you were a client of Ms. Leiberan. Sincerely, Connie L.F. Terwilliger

From Richard Weill:

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer. I’ve known Margaret since 1999 when she began handling an appeal of a trial judgment that my co-counsel and I were involved in. Margaret handled a string of appeals in that case that took 10 years to resolve. Margaret exemplifies what I like most about practicing in Oregon. She is always available to talk with me when I have appeals of my own and want lawyer to lawyer advice.

From Richard Grant:

Relationship: Worked together on matter
I endorse this lawyer. Margaret is an excellent appellate lawyer. I have professionally know Margaret for over 10 years. During that time I have had the pleasure of working with her on appeals. She has shown a broad range of experience in all aspects of appellate work. I place a great value on her advice and opinion regarding all issues involving appellate work. One of her finer qualities is her reasoned approach to issues related to her work. In my experience, her charges for her services are fair and reasonable. Wherever I am in need an appellate lawyer, Margaret is my first choice. I highly endorse her for any appeal or issues related to appellate work. Feel free to contact me regarding her abilities.

From Ridgway Foley:

Relationship – Friend
I endorse Margaret Leiberan without any qualification. I have known her for 30 years as a fellow attorney and friend. We have represented both aligned and opposing interests in a number of appeals; I have retained her as an expert witness on attorney fees and other appellate matters; and some years back she worked for me on a contract. She is industrious, insightful, and thorough in all appellate matters, and she is unfailingly professional.

From Russ:

Knowledgeable on law
Always felt in good hands
Took a complicated and unusual divorce case through appeals, including oral arguments. Kept me informed on what was likely occurring as court wrote opinion. I felt she was interested in my case, knew it intimately and was invested.

From Amy:

I would like to leave my review of Ms. Leiberan even before our case concludes because I know I have found an honest, intelligent hard-working attorney. I have faith in her and her entire staff. I chose Ms. Leiberan to represent me after reading her appellate transcripts on the internet . . . consider that a Judge or attorneys can associate the client with the characteristics of the attorney resulting in unfavorable rulings or unnecessary costs.

She is loyal to her client and has not put her needs above mine. As simple as that sounds my previous attorneys have not done this.

She is smart, caring and doesn’t play games with your life, emotions, or money.

She has respect for people and the law and does justice without fear or favour. She has not allowed an attorney or Judge to deviate from the law or the rules.

I feel secure, protected, enlightened, educated, respected and represented for the first time. Ms. Leiberan has delivered, projects confidence not arrogance, she knows all too well how to correct the mistakes made by others, she owns her client’s problems and has simplified not cluttered.

I have witnessed her intelligence, skill, adaptability, nimbleness, ethics, sensitivity, vision and assertiveness when necessary. Most attorneys will tell you their greatest compliment is your referral. More money. Her website: Jensen and Leiberan and their mission has been truthful. Their reputation proceeds the fact they don’t ask for referrals. Afterall, its about you. Ms. Leiberan wants your resolution, she wants your satisfaction, and asks for meaningful feedback not referrals. I believe in the end most if not all her clients would say they got more than what they paid for. In my opinion that’s what makes her a great attorney not just a good one and I’m almost an expert at this point.

My compliment to Ms. Leiberan is the fact she ultimately and single handedly may restore my faith in the legal system. How many attorneys want or can do that.

And in the words of hinesight I wish I found this firm in the beginning.

From Jeff:

Margaret was very upfront and straight forward. She did a great job representing the case and understood it well. She was responsive to all my comments and input.

From Beverly Brown:

Ms. Leiberan has worked on several appeals for us. She has shown an integrity rarely seen in lawyers. Her fees are reasonable (in fact lower than some we saw before we met her) and her work is excellent. I can not imagine working with any other attorney after finding her. By the way, my husband is an attorney (retired Oregon State Senator Walter F. Brown) and I know a lot of attorneys through him. My input about Ms. Leiberan is through experience with the court system and I rate her the highest rating one can give.

From Stacey:

Margaret is not what I have experienced as your typical attorney. Not only was she direct, to the point, thorough, very knowledgeable and obviously extremely skilled in her area, she handled me with kindness and showed genuine concern for my case and the outcome. She ‘cared’. When the average person is dealing with a case that gets to the point of an appeal (any case for that matter), it’s important for the client feel the attorney fighting for them is really and truly on their side and Margaret is all of that and more. My case was ugly and I had some attorneys I disliked every step of the way. I never felt as though Margaret wasn’t exactly on top of every little detail, informing me every step of the way. The list of accolades is endless, she is simply the best!

From Stephanie:

I would absolutely recommend Margaret. She was so extremely caring and informative. She listened to all of our problems and issues and did not judge us. She always took the time it required to make us feel like we fully understood the legal process. She is really not your typical lawyer….she is just so much better than we could have hoped for!

From a Appeals client:

Margaret has been with us every step of the way with our appeal. She is deliberate in her actions, and will represent her client to fullest extent of the law. With her experience and her dedicated staff every client will feel assured that they are in capable hands.

From Molly Williams:

I highly recommend the law firm of Jensen & Leiberan whose professional counsel and strategic advice provided light at the end of a very long legal tunnel. I chose Jensen & Leiberan for their negotiation experience as well as their courtroom record. I was immediately comfortable with my attorney who had both a strong understanding of the issues and laws pertaining to my case. I am very grateful for the sage advice I received from Jensen and Leiberan and recommend the firm to others in need of family law services and support.

From Carolyn Tomlin:

I highly recommend this law firm for family issues or appeals. I find the entire staff to be very professional and helpful. The best part is that they listen to your concerns, and care about you. When reading other reviews, most were very positive, but a couple of them were negative just didn’t sound right, but were rather malicious in content. Sounds to me like they are opposing parties, that just didn’t get their own way, and are attacking this law firm, accusing them of writing their own reviews? That would not be consistent with this law firm’s quality practice.

From Gary Kuhn:

Margaret Leiberan is the epitome of a professional! She is an excellent listener and very patient during a consultation when being told the details of a case. Mary, the front-office person is personable, genuine and very welcoming. We are extremely impressed with the firm and would recommend to anyone in need of an appellate attorney. Five stars *****

From Dave F.:

I hired Deanna Jensen after interviewing several other attorneys regarding my daughter’s custody case. I had a terribly difficult and complicated case with a child living on the East Coast and CPS involvement. Ms. Jensen navigated multi-state jurisdictional issues, CPS reports, psychologists, an out of state Custody and Parenting Time Study, and false allegations of abuse with skill and to tremendous effect. I was awarded Custody and I know that there are precious few attorneys who could have prevailed under the extreme circumstances that I was faced with.

Deanna Jensen his highly organized, forthright and understands Oregon family law thoroughly. If you have a legitimate legal problem, and you care more about your kids being healthy than “winning” your case, there is no finer lawyer to be found.

From D NM:

I have been a client of Jensen & Leiberan for over 8 years and of Miss Leiberan’s for longer than that. They have always treated me with respect. They listen to what I have to say and explain everything in terms that I can understand. I never have to worry about surprises. I have been impressed with their knowledge expertise and thoroughness. They have done an excellent job for me. I have recommended them to many friends and acquaintances.

From ske133:

I have nothing but the highest regard for this organization, I worked very closely with Lee Pritchard on a divorce case and I am very pleased with the outcome. Margaret H. Leek Leiberan has put together a top notch team of professionals that can cover just about any difficult situation. Her initial counseling helped me to select the perfect Attorney in her organization to represent me. Highly recommended!

Legal Issue: Divorce
ske133 hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2010.

From Stephanie:

My husband and I would definitely recommend Margaret to anyone. She has always been so very patient and caring. She always took the time to listen carefully to our issues and was extremely informative about the legal process that was very new to us. We cannot say enough good things about her.

Legal Issue: Custody & Visitation
Stephanie hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2002.

From milly2isaac1:

Margaret Leek Leiberan has represented me for the last 12 months regarding an appeal. She has always been forthcoming and realistic in her advice. She is very professional yet approachable. My experience with the legal/court system is very limited but I feel I am in competent hands.

Legal Issue: Other
milly2isaac1 hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2010.

From karma32:

Margaret is an attorney who will make you feel that your case is her top priority. Her ability to listen and her sound judgment will reassure even the most frazzled client. Jensen & Leiberan as a firm have shown dedication and tenacity in every aspect of our case. I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone I know.

Legal Issue: Family Law
karma32 hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2009.

From carmartom:

Margaret was kind and understanding of my legal issue, and explained so I could understand how the court of appeals worked. She made no promises, but helped to explore my chances of winning an appeal. Her office and staff were professional and friendly, making sure I had something to drink and was comfortable. She made me feel that my issues were of utmost importance to her, and that I was being heard at last. It gave me comfort that someone else was going to make the arguments for me that I was unable to do myself. She was always available to me to answer my questions and kept me updated weekly as to how the progress of the case was going. I would recommend her to anyone for her time and energy devoted to research and arguments involved with presenting my case to the court of appeals.

carmartom hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2010.

From ThomasClarey:
Ms. Leiberan provided excellent analysis, insight and representation.
Legal Issue: Real Estate Law
ThomasClarey hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2008.

From Kutar2:

Four years ago, my life came to a point where a divorce was inevitable. Knowing that, I began investigating lawyers in search of someone with legal knowledge and experience that would best represent me and my children. Of the 5 lawyers that I interviewed, Margaret was truly the best choice. I decided on Margaret because not only did she listen to me, not only did she offer suggestions with handling things but she told me the words that I will never forget. Margaret said, "Scott, there are three types of people that come into my office. 1st, there are those that come in here and file for divorce. 2nd, there are those that come in here, leave, and then come back to file for divorce. 3rd, there is the type that comes in here, leaves, and I never see them again. I hope you are this 3rd type Scott because that would tell me that you were able to fix your problems that are in front of you". ***It was these words from Margaret that would help me decide on a lawyer to represent me and my children. She would eventually provide advice and services that are difficult to put into words. Though our life changing event was difficult like many divorces are, there was a feeling of comfort coming from Margaret in "my corner". Yes she was in my corner but many of the decisions being made were with my children's best interest. This meant that I too had to make some tough decisions and commitments but Margaret always knew the right questions to ask and what direction to lead me. Yes, lawyers do come with a high price tag sometimes but this was to be a life long decision for not just myself but for my children as well. I would ensure that they got the best available. Being an innovative adult, I would find a way to defeat the bills that would be received. Today, everybody is doing great. People have told me that my children are doing so well that you wouldn't even know that they come from a broken home. Yes, I would recommend Margaret Leiberan as a lawyer. Thank you, Scott

Legal Issue: Divorce
Kutar2 hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2004.

From laraeo:

Margaret Leiberan is an exceptional appellant attorney. She is very thorough with her research and remains professional from start to finish. Communication and professionalism are key to a positive outcome for any appeal of court error. She maintains above board with courtesy, no condescending comments to the responding party, and to the point to represent you as a client. She is efficient and communicates every step of the process. I highly recommend Margaret if an appellant attorney is needed.

Legal Issue: Divorce
laraeo hired Margaret H. Leek Leiberan in 2006.

The above testimonials or endorsements reflect that particular client's experience with the identified lawyer or law firm only. It does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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