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Impact of an Individual's Behavior on the Case

How you act while your case is pending can have a significant impact on how successful you will be in obtaining the results that you want. Hiding assets and income is not only fraud, it can seriously prejudice the court against you if you are caught. If the fraud is serious enough, it can be used by the other party to reopen the case and change the division of property.

Watching Your Online and In-Person Behavior

Social interactions — both personal and online — can have a detrimental effect both on your children and on your potential for obtaining custody or significant parenting time. Parading one boyfriend or girlfriend after another does little to bring stability or prove dedication to your children. Using a social network to disparage the other parent can bring embarrassment for your children, not to mention ammunition for a parent to use in a custody or parenting time dispute in court.

You need to be particularly careful about what you write in emails and texts. Remember that whatever you write may end up being read back to you in court and used to prove your instability or your inability to support the child's relationship with the other parent.

After the Case is Over

How you act once your case is concluded can be as important as how you conduct yourself during the proceeding itself. If you are hostile to the other parent or interfere with that parent's contact or relationship with the child, you are risking losing custody or parenting time in a later modification proceeding.

At Jensen & Leiberan, Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and securing the finances and assets you are entitled to under the law. We also are mindful of the best interests of your children and will counsel you on what you need to do to minimize the impact of the divorce on them. However, in the end only you can control what you say and what you do and only you can stop yourself from venting your frustration with the other parent by taking actions that will have a negative and sometimes traumatic impact on your children.

Family Law Lawyers Helping to Keep the Peace for clients in Oregon and Washington

Disputes may arise after your case has concluded. Getting your child involved is not recommended. Saying negative things about your child's other parent not only damages already-fragile interactions, but it also affects the future relationship with your son or daughter. Parental behavior should be above that level of pettiness.

At our firm, we encourage clients to take the higher ground in their behavior following a divorce. Far too much is at stake to engage in behavior that could have a negative impact on your children. For help, contact us at (503) 641-7990.

At Jensen & Leiberan, Attorneys at Law, we encourage our clients to be supportive of the relationship their child has with his or her other parent. Not only does this put you in a better light in future custody or parenting time matters, it can also preserve the peace with that parent and give your child peace of mind.

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Oregon or Washington family law attorney to discuss the behavior of either parent during or after a divorce, dissolution of a domestic partnership or a custody proceeding, please contact us.

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