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Spousal and Parental Behavior

Powerful Family Law Representation in Oregon and Washington

Certain spousal behaviors or parental behaviors can be the foundation of complicated family law concerns, such as domestic violence and restraining order issues. Other behaviors - right or wrong - can greatly affect how a divorce or family law case is resolved. At Jensen & Leiberan, we understand these interactions and use our decades of experience to work through such complex issues in divorce and other family law matters.

Jensen & Leiberan is one of only three law firms in the state of Oregon listed in the family law section of Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Contact our Portland family law firm for effective representation in Oregon or Washington.

Spousal and Parental Behavior That Jeopardizes Your Safety and Your Case

Our family law attorneys provide prompt, comprehensive representation to clients in all family law matters. Our ability to act quickly benefits those seeking protection from abuse as well as the rights of those who have been wrongfully accused. Additionally, our dedication to explaining important issues, such as behavior during and after your case, can make a significant difference in the outcome.

  • Domestic violence: Domestic violence is a serious issue that can reshape your family. At Jensen & Leiberan, we assist victims of domestic abuse in obtaining the protection they need in accordance with the law by seeking a Family Abuse Prevention Act restraining order (FAPA). Additionally, recognizing how collateral consequences can affect a pending divorce or child custody case, we provide effective representation to family law clients who have been wrongfully accused of abuse.
  • Stalking: A stalking protective order is a permanent court action that protects those at risk and causes lifelong consequences to the individual being accused. The imposition of a stalking order can have grave effects when it involves two parents, such as the restricted or rescinded access to a parent's children. We work both with petitioners seeking stalking orders and with respondents against whom a stalking protective order is sought.
  • Divorce and child custody: Spousal or parental behavior during and after divorce can greatly affect the outcome of your family law case. Your social interactions can be used by the other party to hinder your position in matters of child custody, especially if you attempt to disparage the other parent in the child's presence. Likewise, if you are found to hide certain assets to better your position in financial issues, such as child or spousal support or property division, not only could that be held against you in your case, but you could face additional legal problems for fraud.

Contact Our Portland Family Law Attorneys

At our firm, we encourage clients to take the higher ground. Far too much is at stake to engage in behavior that could have a negative impact on your family law case. For help with a family law issue throughout Oregon and Southern Washington, Contact our Portland family law firm. We serve clients in throughout Oregon and Southern Washington.

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